​​​​training a new generation in scalable local food production

Operation victory gardens (501c3)

our mission

Urban AG Training Center

OVG's Urban AG training center will reside within one of the largest, rooftop greenhouses in America.


scaling locally grown with

neXTGEN farmers


Produce fresh, clean, beautiful

local food

Dick Neustedter

Strategic advisor




Educate and train a new generation in

sustainable and scale local food production.

OVG training occurs in a state of the art

greenhouse (close environment agriculture)

with patented, vertical growing technology.

community impact


97% of leafy greens consumed in Colorado are imported from out of state.  We need an allied invasion, of like minded citizens, to transform the supply side.  Local food production offers one of best kept secrets for community, public health and economic (green) development.

Our community partners include: public, private and philanthropic  groups. Our community activation includes:  Onsite agrotourism, conferences, events, school  (victory) gardens.  We welcome your interest and contribution to redeploy local farmers and farms.

Sally Herbert


OVG Board Chair

CEO, Altius Farms

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​and redploy

america's finest

Victory gardens, the sequel (scaling local, nationally)

Anna Stull


Board member 

RN and MA

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Growing local

What if Steve Jobs was a farmer?


The Victory Gardens of WWII were a shining example of civic activation for producing local food.  Seventy years later, America is producing the Victory Garden's Sequel to scaling locally grown food.  View our TED talk and Colorado Public Radio interview.  OVG's national training center is referenced in both along with our working commercial farm Altius Farms.

The Victory Gardens of WWII were a shining example of scaling local food production.  40% of our nation's produce was grown locally, during WWII, due to America's Victory Gardens.  Today, America is building the modern day sequel to the Victory Gardens with closed environment agriculture [CEA].  Greenhouse farming is reshaping the future and redeploying the American farm.

OVG trains students in state-of-the-art vertical growing and greenhouse farming techniques.  If you would like to learn more or wish to become a candidate for our inaugural class email us.